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Sri Lanka’s social indicators are among the best in South Asia. The country has achieved near universal literacy, and has a comparatively low poverty level. Economic growth has been steady since the military conflict ended, but slowed in 2012. Growth had, however, picked up strongly again by the third quarter of 2013.

ADB assistance to Sri Lanka supports energy, roads, water supply and sanitation, education and skills development, and post-conflict reconstruction of the north and east. ADB is also involved in water resource management.

Fast Facts

20.48 (2013)
Population in millions

0.3% (2008-2013)
Average annual population growth rate

6.5% (2012)
Population living below the national poverty line

ADB Lending

Amount ($M) / %
Sector (No. of loans)
991.35 / 15.54
Agriculture (46)
566.90 / 8.89
Education (14)
811.95 / 12.73
Energy (18)
524.40 / 8.22
Finance (23)
38.40 / 0.60
Health (3)
243.15 / 3.81
Industry and Trade (11)
464.47 / 7.28
Multisector (10)
233.00 / 3.65
Public Sector (7)
1,531.20 / 24.00
Transport and ICT (27)
973.89 / 15.27
Water Supply (23)
6,378.72 / 100.00
TOTAL (182)
Cumulative as of 31 December 2013