29070-013: Chongqing-Guizhou Roads Development: Chongqing Component (Leichong Expressway)

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details

Safeguard Categories

Environment: A
Involuntary Resettlement:
Indigenous Peoples:

Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

The EIA report concluded that there would be no major adverse environmental impacts provided the recommended mitigation measures are implemented. To ensure that environmental impacts related to the construction and operation of the Project are minimized, the environmental monitoring program and mitigation measures as specified in the EIAs and the summary EIA will be implemented. The main mitigation measures require that (i) appropriate countermeasures are taken to reduce noise for the residents near the alignment; (ii) preventive measures such as planting of trees and grasses, and construction of side ditches, torrent chutes, slope walls, and retaining walls will be taken to prevent soil erosion; and (iii) adverse impacts at borrow and spoil sites will be mitigated through contracts containing environmental covenants, and by supervising contractors during implementation. Chongqing will enhance its capacity for monitoring vehicle emissions. CECC will monitor vehicle emissions on the expressway in cooperation with the local environmental protection bureaus, traffic police, and other related organizations. Social issues included poverty reduction, resettlement, and minority people. Better access to economic centers will help develop the local economy and improve the distribution system for final goods and inputs. The expressway construction will generate 6,000 jobs, and the feeder road upgrading about 16,000 jobs. The subsequent expressway operation and maintenance will create about 500 jobs, particularly in the toll stations along the expressway. The construction, operation, and maintenance jobs will provide valuable supplementary incomes for many households. Women will be given equal opportunities for such jobs, in accordance with the ADB's Policy on Gender and Development. CECC will maximize employment opportunities in operation and maintenance of the expressway, including the toll stations and service areas, for members of vulnerable households affected by resettlement.


Project Data Sheets (PDS) contain summary information on the project or program. Because the PDS is a work in progress, some information may not be included in its initial version but will be added as it becomes available. Information about proposed projects is tentative and indicative.

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