30032-013: Sundarbans Biodiversity Conservation Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Consulting Services

A total of 381 person-months of international and domestic consulting services are required to establish a technical advisory group (TAG). Of the consultants' inputs, 177 person-months (comprising 157 international and 20 domestic) will be funded under the Global Environmental Facility to be selected and engaged by the Bank, and 204 person-months (comprising 83 international and 121 domestic) will be funded under the Bank loan to be selected by the Bank in consultation with the Government. The TAG will (i) establish baseline information and sustainable practices, draft integrated conservation and management plans, establish a single revenue system for the SRF, and assist in developing a self-sustaining management system; (ii) assist FD to retrain its staff and help refocus its activities to more effectively conserve the SRF; and (iii) train communities to engage in ecotourism and other related activities. About 50 person-months of regional fellowships will be provided to train and develop a cadre of experienced personnel to improve the capacity to manage SRF and promote community development. Expressions of interest should be sent directly to the Manager of Consulting Services Division of the Bank with a copy to the Executing Agency.


Supply contract materials, equipment, and vehicles required for the Project will be procured either through international competitive bidding, international shopping or direct purchase depending on the cost involved. Minor civil work contracts may be awarded by the Forest Department through local competitive bidding. Supply of inputs to small-scale village enterprise programs for the impact zone, may be procured through local suppliers.

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