30386-013: Shen-Da Power Transmission and Grid Rehabilitation

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Consulting Services

Consulting services will be required to (i) assist the executing agency with a review of the draft tender documents and evaluation of the bids received, and (ii) undertake a power market development study. It is envisaged that the executing agency will make its own arrangements for recruitment of consultants to assist with a review of the draft tender documents. However, the other consultants will be financed by ADB and will be recruited by the EA in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Use of Consultants. About 30 person-months of international consulting services for evaluation of the bids received and about 31 person-months of international and domestic consulting services will be required for the power market development study. ADB has approved advance recruitment and retroactive financing for consulting services financed under the Project.


All goods under the Project which are to be wholly or partly financed by ADB will be procured in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. It is envisaged that majority of items that will be financed by ADB will be procured on the basis of international competitive bidding (ICB) procedures through four separate tenders, using ADB's standard bidding documents. Other items that are expected to cost less than $500,000 will be procured on the basis of ADB's international shopping (IS) procedures. The executing agency will undertake all construction work under the Project and finance the same from its own resources. ADB has approved advance procurement action with regard to goods financed under the Project.

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