30458-013: Ak Altin Agricultural Development Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 14 Nov 2006

Consulting Services

The Project will provide for 65 person-months of international consultants and 198 person-months of domestic consultants. The consultants will assist the EA in (i) monitoring, evaluation, and design of pilot farms; (ii) carrying out surveys and investigations, preparing and reviewing designs, and supervising construction of on-farm and interfarm irrigation and drainage facilities; and (iii) Project administration. The input of international consultants will be limited to the initial years during which they, in addition to normal work, will provide hands-on training to the domestic consultants and PMO/PSO staff who will then carry out the Project activities independently during the later part of the implementation period.

The consulting services will be provided by international consulting firms in association with domestic consulting firm(s) to be engaged by the MAWR in accordance with Bank Guidelines on the Use of Consultants and other arrangements acceptable to the Bank on the engagement of the domestic consultants.


Procurement by the Government under the Project will be largely for machinery, equipment, civil works, and services for the irrigation and drainage rehabilitation, as well as office equipment and materials required for Project implementation and monitoring. All procurement will be undertaken in accordance with the Bank's Guidelines on Procurement. Any equipment and materials procurement contract estimated to cost the equivalent of $500,000 or more shall be awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding (ICB). Contracts costing less than $500,000 will be carried out on the basis of international shopping procedures acceptable to the Bank. Small supply contracts costing less than $50,000 which are unlikely to be of interest to international suppliers, but for which goods are available locally at competitive prices, will be procured using local competitive bidding procedures acceptable to the Bank, or through direct purchase.

Each civil works contract estimated to cost the equivalent of $1.0 million or more will be awarded on the basis of ICB as described in the Bank's Guidelines for Procurement. Civil works packages costing less than $1.0 million will be carried out on the basis of LCB procedures acceptable to the Bank. Minor civil works costing less than $50,000 may be carried out either through direct award of small package contracts or force account works. MAWR will be responsible for supervising all procurement.

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