32036-013: Outer Islands Electrification

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 27 Nov 2006

Consulting Services

A total of about 30 person-months of international consulting services and 93 person months of domestic consulting services are required for the Project, which will be provided under two separate consulting services contracts. An international consulting firm, who will be encouraged to associate with individual domestic consultants, will be recruited to assist MAA, MEB, and MPND with implementation of their respective parts of the Project. A domestic legal consultant will be recruited to provide legal advisory services to AGO. MAA, in coordination with MEB, and MPND will recruit the international consulting firm, and AGO, in consultation with MOFT will engage the domestic legal consultant. All consultants will be recruited and engaged in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Use of Consultants and other arrangements for the engagement of domestic consultants satisfactory to ADB. All consultants will be required to coordinate their activities with one another to ensure smooth coordination under the Project.


Procurement of goods and services financed by the Project will be carried out in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Procurement.

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