32467-012: Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 15 Feb 2007

Consulting Services

a. International: (i) Rural Development Specialist (5 pm); (ii) Development Economist (2 pm); (iii) Land-Use/Environmental Specialist (1.5 pm); and (iv) Indigenous Peoples and Community Development Specialist (2.0 pm). b. Domestic: (i) Rural Engineer (4 pm); (ii) Agriculturist (3 pm); (iii) Development Economist (2 pm); (iv) Sociologist (3.5 pm); (v) Regional Planner (3.5 pm); Rural Finance Specialist (2 pm); and Institutional Specialist (2 pm).


Computers and softwares.

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