32494-023: Agriculture Rehabilitation Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 05 Dec 2006

Consulting Services

The consulting services will be provided by international consulting firm(s) in association with domestic consulting firm(s) to be engaged in accordance with ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants and other arrangements acceptable to ADB for the engagement of the domestic consultants. The Project will provide a total of 1,951 person-months of consulting services, comprising 89 person-months of international and 1,862 person-months of domestic consultants. The consultants will assist the EA in (i) agriculture support services, (ii) institutional capacity building, (iii) surveys, design, preparation of tender document, bid evaluation and construction supervision, and (iv) project management, monitoring and evaluation.


Machinery, equipment, civil works, and services for rehabilitating irrigation, drainage and potable water supply systems; as well as vehicles, office equipment, and materials required for project implementation and monitoring will be procured following ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. An equipment and material procurement contract estimated to cost the equivalent of $1.0 million or more will be awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding. Contracts costing less than $1.0 million will be on the basis of international shopping procedures acceptable to ADB. Small supply contracts costing les than $100,000 will be procured through direct purchase. The award of all equipment contracts will be subject to approval by ADB. Each civil works contract estimated to cost the equivalent of $1.0 million or more will be awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding among prequalified contractors as described in ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. Civil works packages costing less than $1.0 million will be carried out on the basis of local competitive bidding procedures acceptable to ADB. For works whose size, nature and location make it unsuitable for competitive bidding, and the EA has the facilities and capacity to implement these works expeditiously and at reasonable cost, ADB may agree to force account procedures. The works to be implemented through force account will be determined during implementation. The upper limit for a force account works packages will be $50,000.

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