33137-013: Senior Secondary Education

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 07 Dec 2006

Consulting Services

About 244 person-months of international consultants and 182 person-months of domestic consultants will be required for the Project to support implementation and institutional capacity building of the CSSE and project schools. The Government will select and engage consulting firms in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants and other arrangements satisfactory to ADB on the engagement of domestic consultants. Advance procurement actions have been allowed for recruitment of consultants.


All Bank-financed procurement for the Project will be in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. Civil works will be fully financed by the Government and will follow the Government's procedures acceptable to the ADB. Each contract for the supply of goods, equipment, furniture, and instructional materials estimated to cost more than $500,000 equivalent will be awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding (ICB) procedure, while contract packages of $500,000 equivalent or less will follow international shopping, local competitive bidding, direct purchase procedures or local procedures as applicable. Advance actions have been allowed for the first ICB for school equipment procurement.

The Project will also procure overseas training management service for planning, management and implementation of overseas short and long-term training for about 226 persons. Overseas training will cover topics such as teacher training methodologies, school management, industry-school liaisons, student centered teaching methods, evaluation planning and management, education monitoring and evaluation. The key functions of the overseas training management service contract include: needs assessment, identification/design of relevant programs, host institutions, pre-departure orientation, immigration/travel logistics, etc. It is intended that overseas training will allow exposures to several countries, thus, the training management proponent should have extensive international network and experience in this type of service provision.

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