33177-013: Harbin Water Supply

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 05 Jun 2006

Consulting Services

The services of about 62 person-months (pm) of international consultants, including 8 pm for an independent international Dam Panel and 7 pm for a Resettlement Monitoring Panel, and 130 pm of domestic consultants will be required. Expertise will be needed in dam design, construction supervision, and quality control; resettlement monitoring; pipeline, treatment plant and network construction and improvement, ADB procurement procedures and reporting requirements, social and environmental monitoring, tariff analysis, quality control, and project performance management systems. The international consultants will also provide training and capacity building in water supply planning, water resources and quality management, financial management, and environmental monitoring and management. The consultants will be recruited in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants.


Equipment, materials, goods, and services financed by ADB's loan will be procured in accordance with ADB's Guidelines on Procurement and follow ADB's procedures for international competitive bidding (ICB) for packages each with a value greater than $0.5 million. Packages valued $500,000 or less will be procured following international shipping (IS) and packages at $100,000 and less could be procured following local competitive bidding (LCB) or direct purchase procedures. The locally procured materials, and civil work contracts estimated to cost below $5 million per package will follow local competitive bidding procedures acceptable to ADB and in accordance with the PRC's Tendering and Bidding Law and the respective procurement regulations.

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