33301-012: Central Region Poverty Reduction

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 19 Dec 2006

Consulting Services

The TA will be undertaken over a seven-month period and is expected to commence in April 2000. A total of 40 person-months of consulting services will be required to prepare a project proposal suitable for ADB financing. ADB's procedures for Simplified Technical Proposal will be used to select the consultants. A total of 22 person-months of international consultants will be required with the following expertise: Institutional and rural development specialist (Team Leader), agriculture development/extension expert, rural infrastructure engineer, community/social forestry specialist, environmental specialist, and an economist. A total of 18 person-months of domestic consultants will be required with the following expertise: rural finance and microenterprise development expert, rural sociologist, community development specialist, aquaculture/fisheries development expert, institutional assessment specialist, agronomist, and an animal husbandry/livestock development specialist.

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