33409-013: Vocational Education Strengthening Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 19 Jul 2012

Consulting Services

All consultants to be financed from the loan proceeds will be selected in accordance with ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2007, as amended from time to time). Individual national consultants will be engaged to guide the development of School Business Plans (SBPs) and to provide preparatory training to ensure a uniform approach. Institutions and firms will be engaged to help model vocational senior secondary school (VSs) prepare SBPs and the project management unit (PMU) with selecting qualified consultants. Consultants for (i) the review and refinement of SBPs and SBP implementation; (ii) management development; and (iii) monitoring, evaluation, and reporting will be engaged through firms on the basis of quality- and cost-based selection with 80:20 weighting. Ministry of National Education, through the PMU, will be responsible for selecting and hiring consultants. Individual consultants will be hired to assist the PMU. The Project provides for four contracts for consultancy services and two individual consultants for preparatory work. Under the main contract for School Business Plan preparation and implementation, there will be 21 national consultants for a total of 207 person-months. A. Framework for School Business Plans (SBP) 1. School Business Planning Specialists (2 individual consultants; 6 person months). B. SBP Preparation 2. Facilitators For SBP Preparation (10 institutions or firms; 6 month duration). C. SBP and Project Implementation (1 firm, 21 national consultants, 207 person months) 3. Education Specialist (6 person-months) 4. Education Technology/Instructional Materials Specialist (6 person-months) 5. Equipment Specialist (6 person-months) 6. Procurement Specialists (2 consultants; 12 person-months). 7. Civil Work Specialists (7 consultants; 12 person-months for SBP review and 90 person-months for SBP implementation) 8. Project Education Management Information System (EMIS) Specialist (6 person-months) 9. Financial Management Specialists (2 consultants; 24 person-months) 10. Quality Assurance Specialist (3 person-months) 11. School Industry Linkages Specialist (3 person-months) 12. Teacher Training Specialist (12 person-months) 13. Project Management Specialist (24 person-months) 14. Writer/Editor for "What Works" Publication (3 person-months) 16. Procurement Specialist (6 person-months). D. Management Development (1 firm, 4 years, intermittent) E. Monitoring and Evaluation (1 firm, 5 years intermittent)


Procurement of goods and services financed under the loan will be in accordance with ADB's Procurement Guidelines (2007, as amended from time to time). Contracts for the refurbishment of the PMU office including equipment and furniture will be awarded on the basis of shopping for contracts estimated to cost $100,000 or less, and by national competitive bidding for contracts estimated to cost the equivalent of more than $100,000 up to $500,000. Civil works, teaching materials, textbooks, furniture and instructional aids will be procured using national competitive bidding for contracts estimated to cost the equivalent of more than $100,000 up to $500,000, and shopping for contracts estimated to cost $100,000 or less. Contracts for works, goods and equipment estimated to cost more than $500,000 will be awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding.

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