34207-013: Northwestern Rural Development (Rural Development)

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 20 Mar 2007

Consulting Services

The Project will require approximately 333 person-months of specialized services from domestic consultants (Microcredit Specialist, Infrastructure Engineers, Community Development Facilitators, Environmental Assessment Specialist, and GIS Mapping/IRAP Planning Specialists) and about 129 person-months of international consultants (Assistant Project Manager, Rural Infrastructure Engineer/Training Specialist, Road Engineer/Hydrologist, Regional Planner, Community Development Specialist, GIS Mapping/IRAP Planning Specialist, Environmental Assessment Training Specialist, and Microfinance Specialist) in both long- and short-term appointments through firms. The services of experienced NGOs to assist in the implementation of the community development and microfinance activities in the target areas will also be provided.


Civil work contracts for rural roads and other large-scale infrastructure will be awarded on the basis of local competitive bidding (LCB) procedures among prequalified private local contractors in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Procurement and other government procedures acceptable to ADB. For small-scale civil works of less than $10,000, procurement on the basis of comparison of at least three quotations from local contractors will be followed. Vehicles, equipment and materials will be procured by international competitive bidding (ICB) where the cost is valued at more than $500,000 equivalent, or by international shopping (IS) where the cost is from $100,000 to $500,000. Equipment or materials valued at less than $100,000 equivalent, and for which there are several local suppliers with satisfactory service facilities, may be procured under LCB procedures, or by comparing at least three quotations from local suppliers, where the cost is less than $50,000.

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