35314-013: Punjab Community Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 16 Feb 2007

Consulting Services

Consultants will be selected and engaged in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. A total of 647 person-months of local consultants will be required to support the implementation of the Project. For the Community Development Unit (CDU) 572 person-months of Community Development Officers (CDOs) will be needed. Recruitment and management of CDU staff may be undertaken by the executing agency. The consultancy services will cover (i) assistance in the design and implementation of WSS subprojects, (ii) establishing and operating a province-wide management information system and carrying out project benefit monitoring and evaluation (BME), (iii) ground water investigations/water quality monitoring, hydrogeological studies and construction supervision, and (iv) institutional strengthening and capacity building of Tehsil municipal administrations, Union Councils, and the community-based organizations. Overall project management advice and supervision will be provided by an individual broadly trained and experienced international consultant, contributing 4 person-months on an intermittent basis.


Goods and services will be procured in accordance with the ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. Because most of the civil and mechanical works are small in nature and are unlikely to attract international firms, they will be carried out using local competitive bidding procedures.

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