35457-013: East-West Highway Improvement Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 05 Dec 2006

Consulting Services

A total of 984 person-months of consulting services (99 international and 885 domestic) will be required to assist in Project implementation. Under the road improvement component, (i) a consulting firm for detailed design and construction supervision for reconstruction of the Yevlax-Ganja section and Qazax-Georgia border section (64 person-months for international and 805 person-months for domestic consultants), and (ii) a consulting firm to assist in implementing the road sector institutional strengthening component (25 person-months for international and 60 person-months for domestic consultants). For the latter, the scope includes capacity building in road maintenance, axle load control, road safety, financial management, environmental and social management of road development, and project implementation management. The consulting firm will also help the executing agency monitor and verify compliance with resettlement action plans and environment mitigation and management plans. Under the cross-border facilitation component, individual consultants for border post infrastructure development and capacity building (10 person-months for international and 20 person-months for domestic consultants), will be engaged.


Procurement of goods and services to be financed out of the proposed loan will be carried out in accordance with ADB's Guidelines for Procurement. All contracts for civil works and supply of equipment will be divided into suitable contract packages. Contracts valued in excess of $1.0 million equivalent for civil works and $500,000 equivalent for goods will be procured through international competitive bidding (ICB). Civil work contracts valued at $1.0 million or less will follow local competitive bidding procedures acceptable to ADB. For equipment contracts ranging between $100,000 - $500,000, international shopping procedures will be used; and for contracts not exceeding $100,000, direct purchase procedures will be followed. Advance procurement action for civil works was approved by ADB on 10 May 2005.

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