36330-033: Railway Sector Investment Program - Tranche 2

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 17 Jan 2014

Consulting Services

A firm of international consultants in association with national consultants supports the IA to implement the project by (i) preparing the monthly and quarterly reports as required for management of the project and reporting to ADB; (ii) monitoring the implementation of safeguards in accordance with ADB s Safeguard Policy Statement; (iii) scheduling the project implementation and establishing project schedules with milestones and critical path analysis based on international best practice; (iv) advise the IA on any potential issues and coordinate within the project or third parties as necessary; (v) provide proper monitoring of the funds available, fund flows within the project, disbursements of funds from the loan account, projections of future financial needs; and (vi) prepare the reports and documentation needed for the IA to submit the subsequent PFRs to ADB to secure funding of later tranches of the project. About 78 person-months of international consultants and 390 person-months of national consultants is required for this. The consulting firm has been engaged under Tranche 1 using the quality- and cost-based selection (QCBS) method (full technical proposal) with a quality:cost ratio of 80:20. The consulting firm will be partially funded from Tranche 2. RVNL will engage the project management consultants (PMC) by its own financing. PMC will support the IA for construction supervision as the Engineer.


RVNL has adequate capacity and staff assigned to the PIUs to carry out procurement and to implement the project. The project management consultants for the investment subprojects were recruited by RVNL on time for project implementation, and the consultant act as the Engineer in the works contracts. A General Consultant was recruited by RVNL to further support the overall program implementation management and ADB s reporting requirements for the RSIP. RVNL has a chief vigilance officer to handle all grievances including those relating to procurement. The Central Vigilance Commission, through its Chief Technical Examiners Organization, conducts systematic analysis and monitoring for compliance with procurement procedures and rules as well as issues guidance and instructions to prevent any irregularities. The independent safety commissioner will undertake final technical audit before commissioning. Contracts financed by ADB will use procurement process and bidding documents that follow ADB s policies and include a policy statement on avoiding corrupt practices. The government will publish information relating to the investment program including business opportunities, and information on procurement of goods, works, and consulting services on RVNL and MOR websites. RVNL will also make available to ADB on request copies of internal audit reports. ADB s Anticorruption Policy (1998, as amended to date) was explained to and discussed with the government, MOR, and RVNL. The specific policy requirements and supplementary measures are described below. All procurement of goods and works will be undertaken in accordance with ADB s Procurement Guidelines. MOR and ADB have discussed procurement packages and procedures and understood that the proposed MFF does not involve national competitive bidding (NCB). The procurement plan should be updated whenever change in the procurement arrangements is required and agreed. An updated 18-month procurement plan indicating threshold and review procedures, goods, works, and consulting service contract packages is in Section C of the FAM (Procurement Plan). Procurement activities will be the responsibility of the RVNL Director, who will be supported by the staff and consultants. ADB will closely monitor all major project implementation activities. Under Tranche 2, contracts for goods will comprise 3 international competitive bidding (ICB) packages; amongst those, bidding for 2 contracts is completed. Contract packages for equipment under efficiency enhancement and CDM components will be based on required technical features and timing of procurement. Packages will be identified during implementation by consultants engaged under technical assistance for CDM and engaged for accounting reform, and by the general consultant. All contracts for civil works and goods will be procured in accordance with ADB s Procurement Guidelines. ADB s standard bidding documents will be used.

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