37049-023: Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program - Project 1

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 11 Jun 2012

Consulting Services

Consulting services for about 138 person-months (138 pm) including 12 pm internation consulting services inputs will be required for sub component 4.1 under Ministry of Environment. The scope of works are : (i) Improvements to Water Quality Monitoring and Data Management, (ii) Preparation of Area-Based Pollution Sources Management District Action Plans, (iii) Strengthening of Institutional Capacity, (iv) Knowledge Dissemination, and (v) Initial Implementation of Citarum River WQ Improvement Civil Works Consulting services for about 326 person-months (326 pm) including 10 pm international consulting services inputs will be required for Grant 0216-INO under Ministry of Forestry. This work culminated in the conceptualization of this sub project that comprises elements for (i) management planning for PAs; (ii) habitat mapping and biodiversity inventory; and (iii) community-based activities for natural resource utilization and conservation. However, it was felt that additional work was required to gather critical baseline data, and to broaden the scope of activities that would be included, in order to create a more robust program for biodiversity conservation that would better complement the baseline activities to be carried out under the ICWRMIP loan. This additional work, carried out under the GEF project preparation grant (PPG), has comprised the following: (i) field surveys of priority conservation areas and adjacent lands; (ii) review of legal, policy, regulatory, and institutional frameworks for biodiversity conservation in the CRB, and identification of potential markets for environmental goods and services; (iii) stakeholder analysis and consultations; (iv) assessment of the potential for development of mechanisms for payment for environmental services (PES); and (v) identification of possible mechanisms that could be used to mainstream biodiversity conservation within the larger framework of IWRM in the CRB The consultant will be selected using QCBS method, in accordance with the procedures set out in ADB's Guidelines: Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by the Asian Development Bank and its Borrowers, April 2010.


The procurement of two main construction activity namely Rehabilitation of West Tarum Canal packages is being prepared using ICB post qualification - single stage 2 envelopes methods. Registration of bidders would be applied using semi e-procurement system of Ministry of Public Works.

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