46388-001: Strengthening Governance and Improving Local Government Capacity for Results-Based Service Delivery

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 03 Dec 2012

Consulting Services

A total of 138 person-months of international and national consulting services will be required to ensure that the technical assistance (TA) project is effectively managed and the intended outcome is achieved. The TA will require 22 person-months from five international consultant inputs, and 96 person-months of national consultant inputs. A consulting firm/institution will be engaged following the quality- and cost-based method (80:20) and simplified technical proposals by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in accordance with its Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2010, as amended from time to time). In the case of difficulties in finding a qualified firm, individual selection will apply for consulting services. The firm/consultant inputs will be on an intermittent basis, responding to the government requirements and progress made during implementation. The TA initially was to be implemented over 36 months commencing on 1 January 2013 and terminating on 31 December 2015. However the closing date is proposed to be extended to 31 Dec 2016.


Types of equipment to be procured include computer hardware such as computers, peripherals, servers, and related goods. Upon completion of the TA, this equipment will become the property of the executing agency. Procurement will follow ADB's Procurement Guidelines (2010, as amended from time to time).

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