46388-001: Strengthening Governance and Improving Local Government Capacity for Results-Based Service Delivery

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 03 Dec 2012

Consulting Services

The TA will respond to revised government requirements by hiring following individual consultants instead of the consulting firm: (i) 1 international consultant (4 person-months), (ii) 6 national consultants (24 person-months), and (iii) 10 international resource persons. The international consultant (results-based management advisor) and 2 national consultants (a local government training advisor and a public management specialist) will assist the MOE in developing and delivering a training program for their Academy staff dealing with regional development and macroeconomic analysis. Four national consultants will work with the international resource persons and help the Academy develop new curriculum and training modules in results-based planning, monitoring and evaluation. The international resource persons will be drawn from leading universities and institutions around the world including those with which the Academy has signed partnerships, and they will focus on modern themes and subjects including: regional social and economic planning, results-based management, public management, public administration, social sector strategy, decision making, leadership, marketing, urban planning, e-government and information and communication technology and will help develop new curriculum and training modules for the Academy.


The allocation for equipment, software, reference materials was reduced from $80,000 to $30,000 in line with the revised needs articulated by the government. Two new cost categories were created: reference books and materials, and seminars/workshops/training. The reference books and teaching and training materials will help the Academy to meet costs of introducing revised curriculum and new training modules in relevant areas. The training component (seminars, workshops, etc) will be delivered through the Academy as implementing agency using individual resource persons and trainers.

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